Atlas of the Canine Brain

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Author(s): O.S. Adrianov, T.A. Mering
Format: Hard cover
ISBN-13: 9780916182014
Pages: 537
Publication date: 1964-07-01
Price: Out of print

Note: This book is out of print.

This atlas offers a systematic and detailed analysis of the structure, connections, and functional peculiarities of various parts of the canine central nervous system, from the spinal cord through the cerebral cortex. The cytoarchitectural areas in the cerebral cortex, shown in a new map devised by the authors, are based on the principles of I.P. Pavlov's teaching on analysors. The exact information on the topography of various areas will permit the experimenter to destroy a selected portion of the brain without materially disturbing the other parts.

The reader of the atlas will become acquainted with structural details not by means of schematic drawings, but primarily through photographs of specimens prepared in the laboratories of cytoarchitecture of the Brain Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR.

The atlas provides a bibliography compiled according to the various sections of the central nervous system, in conformity with the text. The atlas is meant for a wide circle of practical and scientific workers: physicians, biologists, and veterinarians.

Professor E.P. Kononova
Scientific Consultant - Head of the Laboratory of Cytoarchitecture of the Brain Institute AMN USSR
The photographs were made in the Photolaboratory of the Brain Institute AMN USSR, by A.A. Kudriashov

Editor's Remarks

Translation of information from one language to another inevitably loses some of the flavor of the original. This book is no exception. We have tried to retain the style of authors Adrianov and Mering as much as possible consistent with understandable English. It is our belief that this atlas of the canine brain offers data and a point of view which so far have been unavailable to Western scientists. The increasing use of the dog in experimental neurology, physiology and pharmacology makes this atlas especially Important. It is a valuable adjunct to other atlases of the dog brain now available in English.

Publication of this atlas has been made possible by Mrs. Edith Price who helped in the translation, Mrs. Ruth Good for editorial assistance, and Mrs. Ellen Howard for typing the manuscript. Mrs. Edith Ignatieff, our translator, deserves a special debt of gratitude for the many long hours required to make this book a reality. Translation errors in the scientific aspects of this book are the editor's. It is hoped that there are not too many.

E.F. Domino
January, 1964
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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