Status of Ketamine in Anesthesiology

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Editor(s): Edward F. Domino
Format: Hard cover
ISBN-13: 9780916182076
Pages: 583
Publication date: 1990-07-01
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The chapters in this book represent almost all of the presentations at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Ketamine Symposium held in Ann Arbor, June 19-21, 1989 at the University of Michigan. About 82 U.S. and international scientists gave oral and poster presentations covering various aspects of this Symposium. All participants were asked to present their findings in a critical manner regarding the pros and cons of ketamine use in anesthesiology today. Clearly, ketamine is not the ideal anesthetic anesthesiologists dream will become a reality, nor is it the nightmare that many believe, at least in the United States. There is a place for ketamine in anesthesiology. The purpose of the twenty fifth anniversary ketamine symposium was to define what that place is today.

Seven sessions were held including: I. Historical and Present Perspectives; II. Biotransformation and Pharmacology; III. Analgesic Actions; IV. Pharmacokinetics; V. Clinical Applications; VI. Problems and Modern Uses; VII. New Basic Science Developments: NMDA Antagonist Actions and Neuroprotective Effects. These form the basis for the organization of this book.
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